The Impact-Pactin Photos Lunch May 2019

…and so, it came to pass that Impact Photos, the picture agency and photo library is no more…it has ceased to exist, it is a dead a defunct photo  agency…it is, as co founder Philippe Achache so succinctly put it – PACTIN !!

impact photos last day 19 jan 2019_l1007565

After many months of saving the library by sorting out more than half a million transparencies in the cold dark miserable garages of Queen Park and getting them back, if wanted, to fellow contributing photographers we decided to have a celebratory wake and lunch combined at The Coach Pub and Restaurant in the centre of uber trendy Clerkenwell, London where many of us either started in the photography business or studied here at the London College of Printing in Back Hill many many moons ago.

It should be noted that any photographs NOT claimed and not sent to landfill ( as several photographers requested ) have been sent to the Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool Street for historical research purposes only, it must be STRESSED that the photographs can not be used for any commercial purpose including editorial unless the photographer has given express permission…here endith the legal stuff !!

And without further ado I present a set of pictures taken at our lunchtime gig….I was suitably impressed by the excellent carving and cutting skills shown by all when tackling the wonderful seven hour slow cooked lamb and the beautiful fish on the bone, obviously an indication of a lifetime of staying and eating in high end expense account hotels and restaurants around the world courtesy of our many masters over the past 50 years !!

Impact Photos Lunch 15 May 2019 names

My group shot made using my new Leica M10 balanced on a chair which in turn was balanced on a table…not for the faint-hearted…next time a tripod me thinks ! Pamela Morton Freelance Organiser from the NUJ, on the right foreground, deserves special recognition as it was her letter directed to the Impact Photos owners that stopped the collection going to landfill all those months ago.
Caption courtesy of David Reed
Early arrivals at The Coach enjoy the late spring sunshine and not a glass of wine to be seen…not very European ?
Top left: Homer Sykes, Pamla Toler and Philippe Achache. T-R: Roger Scruton, David Reed and Rick Colis. Mid right: Roger Scruton, Homer Sykes and David Reed. Bottom right: Peter Arkel, Rick Colis and Piers Cavendish. Bottow left: Ben Gibson and Lionel Derimais with middle left: David Reed, Christopher Cormack, Piers Cavendish and Caroline Penn.
Some excellent serving skills shown here, learned over the years at some of the worlds most exotic restaurants courtesy of our many masters as we travelled the globe on our wonderfully generous expense accounts…great days
Impact Photos Lunch 15 May 2019_L1009032Impact Photos Lunch 15 May 2019_L1009028IMPACT LUNCH 00105152019
Some fine group shot photography here from Homer Sykes and myself…if you can’t see the camera…then the camera can’t see you….
Happy snap time with Roger Scruton, Homer Sykes and bottom picture Petteri Kokkonen
Photographers always work on the principle that this could be their last food for hours, days or weeks if the phone starts to ring and you have to dash out of the door on assignment….so, lots of very clean plates here…also pudding was beckoning !!!

A cracking day spent with some of the best photographers in the business…maybe we can do it again sometime…well done Philippe, David and Lionel who organised the bash.

About brianharrisphotographer

I have been an editorial photographer since 1969. After working for various 'Fleet Street' press agencies and local papers in the east end of London I joined The Times of London where I worked around the world until 1985. I joined The Independent Newspaper in London in 1986 and stayed with them until 1999. I'm still working as a photographer, generating my own story ideas which I sell to the international magazine market. I also contribute generic stock images to various photo libraries. I live near Cambridge in eastern England.
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2 Responses to The Impact-Pactin Photos Lunch May 2019

  1. Edward Lloyd says:

    Brilliant Brian !


  2. zakrwaters says:

    Well done to everyone for sorting that library out. Best wishes


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